Amid A Modern-Day Pandemic: Is Safe Reopening Possible?

Jackie Barbieri • August 3, 2020

An Oxymoron Perhaps, a Conundrum for Sure As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on across the world, one question weighs heavily on everyone’s minds, “Is safe reopening possible?” Many U.S. states have given it a go. […]

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Beyond Mobility Metrics | Part Three

Jackie Barbieri • July 17, 2020

Part One | Part Two | Part Three Producing Potential Contacts from Mobility Data Whitespace’s analytics measure potential contacts between persons who do not live together. By analyzing the location of mobile devices, our analytics […]

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Surge Protection

Jackie Barbieri • July 10, 2020

Using Mobility Data to Help Decision-Makers The world is overwhelmed by uncertainty. It can be paralyzing. Healthcare systems are especially feeling this burden. Twenty COVID-19 patients admitted one night, none the next. Under “normal” circumstances, […]

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Beyond Mobility Metrics | Part Two

Jackie Barbieri • July 8, 2020

Part One | Part Two | Part Three Introduction The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States brought strong and widespread motivation to find innovative ways to leverage data and technology to fight […]

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Understanding Mobility Data

Jackie Barbieri • July 3, 2020

WHAT IS LOCATION DATA? Location data is any data processed by an electronic communications service indicating the geographical position of the device of a user of the service. This data usually includes the latitude, longitude, […]

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Beyond Mobility Metrics | Part One

Jackie Barbieri • July 1, 2020

Part One | Part Two | Part Three Better Forecasts of COVID-19 Transmission Using Potential Contact Analytics While “mobility metrics” can help policymakers understand the extent to which the public is in compliance with mandated […]

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