Understanding Mobility Data

Jackie Barbieri • July 3, 2020

WHAT IS LOCATION DATA? Location data is any data processed by an electronic communications service indicating the geographical position of the device of a user of the service. This data usually includes the latitude, longitude, […]

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Beyond Mobility Metrics | Part One

Jackie Barbieri • July 1, 2020

Part One | Part Two | Part Three Better Forecasts of COVID-19 Transmission Using Potential Contact Analytics While “mobility metrics” can help policymakers understand the extent to which the public is in compliance with mandated […]

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Pride Month 2020

Jackie Barbieri • June 28, 2020

We remember the events of #Stonewall 51 years ago this weekend—and the progress that has been achieved since. We acknowledge there is more that needs to be done. We stand with the #LGBTQ+ community and pledge to create […]

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Juneteenth 2020

Jackie Barbieri • June 19, 2020

We understand that #allyship is a verb and we vow to undertake it as such. Our first action is to honor #Juneteenth as the company-wide holiday it should be beginning in 2021. Our second action is to examine the […]

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Contact Metrics

Jackie Barbieri • June 10, 2020

What if you knew where people were coming into close enough contact to spread COVID-19? Get ahead of the virus with early warning of new cases and real-time monitoring of social distancing via our contact […]

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COVID-19 & the Imperative for Analytic Restraint

Jackie Barbieri • March 26, 2020

A former intelligence analyst’s plea for responsible, ethical analysis and reporting of the COVID-19 pandemic. Professional data scientists, analysts, epidemiologists, and social scientists who are burning the candle at both ends, working tirelessly to figure […]

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