Whitespace’s Team Photos

Welcome to another mini #WebsiteWednesday Blog!

For the last few weeks, we have been posting with the hashtag #TeamTuesday, highlighting our hard-working employees. If you haven’t gotten a chance yet, take a minute to check out our team.

As you can see, our team page is a little bit different than most. Instead of a formal headshot, each of our employees has a line art rendering of themselves. Everyone wants to be unique, but why did we choose this art form instead of a typical photo?

First, we wanted to protect the privacy of our employees. We want to shout how great they are from the highest point we can find. But, we also wanted to make sure that we weren’t over-sharing on their behalf.

Today’s world makes it difficult to retract image or words once they have been posted to social media or the internet. So, how could we put something out, that represented the true essence of each of our team members, in a form that they would be comfortable sharing?

We went through several ideas: images of inanimate objects, customized Lego figures, funny photos, and more. Finally, we were able to settle on line art. The beautiful thing about line art is that it can accurately capture the way someone looks, while also leaving “white space,” or the space between the lines, for the viewer to fill in on their own as they begin to learn more about a person.

Our wonderful artist, Maria Mendozav, worked closely with our team to create images that we all love. The line art is hand-drawn, using Whitespace’s very own shade of dark navy blue, and implemented into our beautiful new website by the talented Jason Kobishop.

Take a look. Tell us what you think. And share with us the unique way your company showcases their employees!

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