Our Philosophy:

Keep people, technology, and the pursuit of wisdom at the heart of everything we do.

We’re a human-centric company known for our data-centric solutions. Our team is on a mission to share the data, techniques, and technology needed to bring the most complex security, risk, and intelligence questions within reach. As perpetual learners, we emphasize training and exposure to new challenges as the keys to unlocking growth, wisdom, and human potential.

Our Mission

Empower our clients with practical solutions for understanding human activity anywhere in order to advance human security everywhere.

Our Values

  • Bold vision guides us. Positive impact drives us. Integrity grounds us.

  • Wear your heart on your sleeve, take ownership, speak up, practice respect, and support each other.

  • Always take your work seriously, but never yourself.

Our Team

Jackie Barbieri Highlight

Jackie Barbieri


A polyglot and technology translator, she brings a level of analytical prowess and  ingenuity to every project.

Jackie is a superwoman, but not the DC comics version. She's the empowering and raising-others-as-she-rises kind. She's a phenomenal woman and BOSS (and she didn't have to pay us to say that). She is most likely in a meeting, driving her children around, or doing both effortlessly. She may work past midnight - and make some nerdy jokes - but we've watched her unite unlikely teams together in the Data Pandemos Project and through generosity and kindness open minds and hearts. She reminds us, ' you can't have great reason without great love.'

Jackie Barbieri on LinkedIn
Tom Valleau Highlight

Tom Valleau

Manager, Data Simulation & Engineering

His creativity, collaborative ethos, and technical skill to cut through hard technical  problems like a hot knife through butter.

If we didn't know Tom, we might not believe he is real. The mythical creature that recruiters seek but can never find, he is a full-stack developer that excels in everything from prototyping to production, data science to instruction and has masterful spatial and people skills. He rock climbs, has a green thumb, writes thoughtful notes to colleagues and even gifts us homemade yogurt. With his knack for stealthy over delivery, Tom brings Whitespace’s most ambitious projects to life. Efforts to clone him are ongoing...

Tom Valleau on LinkedIn
Patrick Kenney Highlight

Patrick Kenney

MANAGER, Data Simulation & ANALYTICS

A master juggler: ABI expert, instructor, program manager, Worldline Guru, and the person you go to for a great pie crust recipe.

Patrick "Be me" Kenney is kind of a big deal. This trend-setter started Flannel Fridays, and he has been known to feed, burp, and then soothe an infant to sleep while typing an email or leading the conversation in a meeting. His judicious and masterful use of the Knife Hand is second only to his eloquence when telling it like it is. Pat is the mastermind behind our Worldline scenarios, and has either developed or taught every single course in The Academy. Cross trained in analysis and the beep-boops, he is a man of many talents.

Jessica Lee Highlight

Jessica Lee

Chief Operating Officer

Among her superpowers - yes, she has more than one - are vaporizing operational tasks and leading with passion, compassion, and creativity.

Even when Jess is on mute, she is guaranteed to be saying something creative, insightful, or supportive. Her innate ability to keep a cool head in any situation and control the chaos would give even Mr. Wolf a run for his money. You might not know she's from Jersey until she tells you that she "knows a guy," or until you see how effective she is at making tasks "go away." A champion for inclusivity, and the custodian of Whitespace's culture, Jess inspires us all to reach new heights by compassionately and consistently living her mantra: "Find A Way or Make One."

Jessica Lee on LinkedIn
Sam Johnson Highlight

Sam Johnson

Junior Spatial Data Analyst

She's an all-around all-star, but its in the arenas of research, investigation, and critical thinking that this rookie shines brightest.

Sam is consistently raising the bar on performance for newbies. There isn't a project or task that has scared her away- she is literally the MVP of Virtual Bubble, and helps create magic on our Social Accounts. She started as an intern and is quickly making herself indispensable via persistent calendar stalking and anticipating our every move. She has a mean .gif game and an infectious positive attitude.

Sam Johnson on LinkedIn
Erica Elam Highlight

Erica Elam

Senior Course Developer

Part Coach, part Academy Director, she boosts people, projects, and teams toward becoming the best version of themselves.

Erica is the fairy godmother of Whitespace and the unofficial Dean of The Academy. Empathy is her superpower and every person and project it touches seems to grow and bloom. When she's not empowering others with compassion, confidence, and zen, she is baking magical holiday cookies, coaching the next cohort of TEDX speakers, or playing with her beautiful grandchildren and puppies.

Erica Elam on LinkedIn
Zach Obst Highlight

Zach Obst


Don't let his easy-going nature fool you - his analytic expertise and instructional experience make him a killer asset in the classroom.

Zach is full of surprises. An ABI enthusiast who plays - and MAKES - guitars, he is also a proud dad and philosophile. What social capital he might have lost by wearing a suit to his first Team Sync, he quickly recovered with his dry humor and quick wit. A team player from Day 1, Zach doesn't hesitate to bring his skills (graphic design, really?!) or experience to the table and help move the team forward.

Zach Obst on LinkedIn
Melissa Langley Highlight

Melissa Langley

Human Resources Manager

The heart that beats behind our HR operations, Mel’s superpowers are empathy, mediation, and service.

Melissa lights up any room with her infectious smile and compassionate heart. Her love of family, community, and organization creates a safe environment for growth. Applying for a job with us? She's likely the first person you will meet (pro tip: if you want to sweeten your chances for an interview, send her a Chick-Fil-A lemonade!). We're beginning to suspect that Jess is staging a Jersey takeover of Ops, but we're here for it, because Melissa's experience is a great asset to the team.

Melissa Langley on LinkedIn
Christopher Valleau Highlight

Christopher Valleau

Spatial Data Analyst

Chris' public health background and expertise in data science, visualization, and analytics brings a fresh perspective to our Human Security Mission.

We couldn't clone Tom, so we did one better and hired his brother. Chris's heart is gold - from his time in the Peace Corps, working with NGOs, and strongly believing citizenship is a human right - and his technical skills are platinum. Standing at 6'3" his signature move is streamlining processes and he has a knack for making the team's work lives easier. When he's not working, you might find him on a beach somewhere learning about Swahili coast history or listening to West African music. We really need to send the Valleau's a thank you card...

Christopher Valleau on LinkedIn
Kayla Obst Highlight

Kayla Obst

Research Analyst

Kayla is a lightning fast researcher and experienced analyst that brings a glowing energy and friendly voice to Whitespace.

It's not often that you find an extroverted analyst - but we did! Kayla brings a level of enthusiasm and energy to every project she touches. She loves connecting with people and building relationships which is a huge part of her role at Whitespace and the magical team Denny is cultivating. She's most likely to go the extra mile or even a few extra miles. She loves impromptu dance parties with her daughter, as long as the volume isn't on an even number. And aspires to model a life of self-love and fulfillment for her daughter.

Kayla Obst on LinkedIn
Denny Watson Highlight

Denny Watson

Vice President of Product

Denny brings analytical and security risk intelligence prowess, with a dash of humor, grace, and a library of bad song lyrics, to our partnerships, narratives, and products.

Remember the six of degrees of separation of Kevin Bacon? Well, Mr. Bacon has NOTHING on Denny! An unofficial part of Whitespace since the beginning, Denny is the connector of people and oracle of opportunity - AND she chose us (we are so honored)! Queen of arcane data points and trivia, acquired through decades of serving decisionmakers, Denny adds valuable insight into our decision advantage products. One of our favorite Denny quotes, "Thinking and being thoughtful — about absolutely everything, from personal relationships to social change to business decisions to national security — if we all thought more and better, we’d all be in better shape."

Denny Watson on LinkedIn
Jonathan 'Mo' Mosley Highlight

Jonathan 'Mo' Mosley

Spatial Data Scientist

Mo may seem low key, but he's a machine when it comes to running at - and solving - the hard engineering problems we face at Whitespace.

With a pretty cool nickname, Mo lives up to the expectations of an Omni fabricator, which is how we were introduced to him. Kayla mentioned working with a data scientist who is a wizard (I added that part) when it comes to creating tools for solving analytical problems. Well the rest is history. He likes non-obvious technical challenges, videogames, live shows, and pool. We scored a corner pocket money ball with Mo!

Forrest Crawford Highlight

Forrest Crawford

Senior Scientist

Forrest is a world-class mathematician, statistician, and scientist dedicated to solving the world’s most important and challenging inferential problems.

In addition to being a tenured professor at Yale, he's also a parent, and works for us part-time. Forrest is the definition of hustle, aspiring to "do interesting things most of the time, and to do what’s important all the time." He is really easy going, and an awesome team player, but word of advice: don't schedule through his lunch. Keep an eye out for his forthcoming three-part autobiographical series, "Cloudy With a Chance of Statistics," "Lord of the Fries," and "The Devil Wears Carhartt." Release date: twenty twenty-never.

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