FCC Alliance Advisory

As evidenced by an escalation in war crimes and Russian rhetoric, compliance departments need to ensure that they are effectively focusing on new and evolving Russia-related sanctions.

Whitespace has joined a consortium of compliance professionals spanning a variety of industries and backgrounds. Each member of this consortium aims to play a bigger role in ensuring that our countries’ sanction policies remain an effective prong in the response to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

The advisory below is a collaborative effort of the consortium’s experts – coming from different firms; specializing in different regions; and providing different types of technologies, investigations, and analysis. Our goal is not just to focus on the sanctions’ targets themselves, but to help the compliance community undercut the tactics used to evade those sanctions.

This advisory focuses on three distinct issues:

  • Gaps in various sanctions frameworks that impact the maritime industry
  • How Russian nationals are obtaining Western credit cards from third parties
  • The role that “Kremlin Kids” play in evading sanctions

FCC Alliance May EditionĀ 

If you have questions or would like to speak to one of our authors, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Blackstone Compliance

Sanctions and AML Advisory

David Tannenbaum


Pole Star Global

Maritime Intelligence

Olivia Longson


SDM Group

Sanctions and AML Advisory

Serge Masters


Paladin Associates

Due Diligence and Complex Investigations

Rosemary Lark


Whitespace, Ltd

Activity Based Analytics

DeNeige Watson


Hattaras Solutions LLC

Non-Proliferation and Data Analysis

Philip Baxter


Gabriel Alvarado

National Security, China and East Asia


Rebecca Paris

Sanctions and AML Advisory, South Asia and Oceania


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