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An individual called the Baltimore PD tip-line stating on Friday Nov. 11 at approx. 11:00am Jared Skyler Combs was loitering at the SE corner of Helen Mackall Park (39.294733, -76.659543) until an unidentified man drove up in a white car.  The tipster saw COMBS interact with the driver before the man drove off and Combs departed west on foot.  The tipster thinks this was a drug deal because of Combs’ past activities.  The tipster recalled briefly seeing Combs in the park earlier that week as well, though was not sure what day. COMBS is on parole for selling heroine, wearing a court ordered GPS tracker. Investigate the tip to see if COMBS has returned to selling narcotics.

DISCLAIMER: The Worldline dataset is based on FICTITIOUS information. It is NOT based upon personal identifiable information from any individual, but rather, is information that has been derived from "real world" scenarios and then crafted into the named dataset. The dataset is fictitious, but mirrors reality in many ways.

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