COVID-19 Path from Contact to Policy

Jackie Barbieri • August 26, 2020

When lockdowns began early this year, it was easy for many people to stick their heads in the sand and collectively sigh, “is it over yet?” Now that we are in the latter part of 2020, it is getting increasingly difficult to be in denial. The pandemic is here, it isn’t going away soon, and we have to adapt. We recognized early that this was going to be a once in a lifetime experience, much like the 1918 influenza. We knew that if we could find a way to predict future cases, we could make real-time changes to policy that could make a real difference, shorten our combined misery, and mostly importantly, save lives. We are a leader in creating geospatial analytics in the defense industry. We knew we had the expertise to help, so we partnered with Dr. Forrest W. Crawford to create metrics from mobility data that monitor social distancing in real-time. Contact is a known driver of disease transmission. By locating the areas where people cluster and are getting too close, we can make predictions about what will happen in the future due to those close contact events. This is the basis of our platform. For more information about our one of a kind analytics, please email

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